I'm using this KOMA-script-based template for a double-sided document. To enforce that new chapters begin on an odd-numbered page, I set the corresponding option to twoside. However, this also leads to the (to me) strange looking, unequal margins on the left vs. right side of the text. Similar to what's discussed here and here.

I understand the reason behind this margins, but I still don't like how it looks. I will print some copies of the document, that's why I want new chapters on odd pages. But most of the people will probably just read a PDF of the document - that's where the unequal margins look strange.

I also know that I can play with binding correction (BCOR) to adjust the margins a bit, but I'm not sure which value to choose.

What I'd like to have is a layout that prints all new chapters on odd pages but still has equal margins left and right. What's the simplest and best way to do that?

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Maybe you want to use option twoside=semi:

\usepackage{lipsum}% dummy text
\usepackage{showframe}% show the page layout

enter image description here


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