I am preparing a manuscript using Elsevier cas-dc double column class and facing difficulty to change the label separator for figures. The default is a colon so that a figure label is formatted as Fig. 1: However, I would like to change this to Fig. 1. instead. I have tried using


without success. The figure label is still Fig. 1: With so many fixes to apply to this cas-dc, I am quite frustrated. In the following, I am giving the MWE that I am using and would appreciate any help on this.

\usepackage[caption=false, font=footnotesize]{subfig}

% Without the following, cas-dc does not center captions


% Rename figure label to Fig. instead of Figure:
\renewcommand{\fnum@figure}{Fig. \thefigure}

% Remove ORCID footnote

% Fix cas-dc textwidth so that captions for two-column floats are placed correctly

    \caption{Caption for figure.}

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els-cas has the : hardcoded in the definition of \__make_fig_caption:nn (you can change that if you want). A sneakier way is:

% Rename figure label to Fig <num>. instead of Figure <num>:
\renewcommand{\fnum@figure}{Fig. \thefigure.\@gobble}

The definition of \fnum@figure writes Fig. <num>. and then ends with \@gobble, which consumes the next token, which is, in this case, the :.

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    This really helped.
    – Adnan Ali
    Commented May 2, 2021 at 19:23

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