Someone knows how to display a subindex before the integral? The image shows an example, the subindex I and R it's what I'm looking for to display in Latex.

enter image description here


The amsmath package (which should be always loaded if you type more math than 1+1=2) provides the \sideset macro to add indices to the left of large operators like \sum, \prod, and (abusing it a little) \int




\sideset{_I}{}\oint \frac{d Q}{T}
= \sideset{_I}{_ i^f}\int \frac{d Q}{T}
  + \sideset{_R}{_i^f}\int\frac{d Q}{T}


enter image description here



uses a Times-like font closer to the picture you posted

enter image description here


You can use also leftidx package....and for the đ here there is a possible link: d with a little line through the top of it


\[\leftidx{_I}{\oint} \frac{dQ}{T}
= \leftidx{_I}{\int_i^f} \frac{dQ}{T}
  + \leftidx{_R}{\int_i^f}\frac{dQ}{T}\]

enter image description here

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