Here is a MWE:



 \draw (0,0)--(.2,0.1);

There seems to be a problem with the metropolis theme. The above produces no line just a blank box. If you comment out the metropolis theme, the result displays fine. Any idea why?

(for the record: Xelatex is used to combilde both).

There seem to be issues with the coordinates, because \node at (0.5,0.5) {node}; produces a node at the origin.

But how come this only shows up once the metropolis theme s activated?

Am I missing something important?


Looking over the code, the theme is forcing compat=1.9 when pgfplots is loaded. That's an old setting, so you need to disable it with


which restores normal service.

  • Thanks. That was a quick fix. A bit embarassing that I didn't notice that.... – johaschn May 4 at 14:49
  • @johaschn It's not really that obvious – Joseph Wright May 4 at 14:52

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