Is there a package (like FontAwesome or academicons) that provides the TikTok logo in similar fashion to the Twitter or Github icons in FontAwesome?

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    You can always use a small image (something like \includegraphics[height=1ex]{tiktoklogo}) instead of a character from an icon font. Of course this requires that you get the image file from somewhere, but for Tiktok that is easy to find, also in vector format that looks good when zoomed. – Marijn May 4 at 20:35
  • Here there is a related: stackoverflow.com/questions/66933650/… – Sebastiano May 4 at 20:58

I add simply the link of tiktok symbol \symbol{"F97B} compiling with XeLaTeX for example: https://github.com/liweitianux/resume/blob/master/fontawesome5/fontawesome5.sty where you can found the symbol

row 1309: \expandafter\def\csname faicon@tiktok\endcsname{\symbol{"F97B}}
row 3885: \def\faTiktok{{\FontAwesomeBrands\csname faicon@tiktok\endcsname}}

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