I am looking for a way to define a new environment in LaTeX that allows me to quickly write certain text passages in an altered way, such as smaller font-size and different color.

What i'm specifically looking for is to define an enrivonment such that i can, for example, write

this is supposed to be red and font-size small.

I tried looking for existing solutions but couldn't find anything helpful so far. I'd really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance!

  • \newenvironment{smallredtext}{\small\color{red}}{\par} – David Carlisle May 7 at 21:58
  • oh wow, that was incredibly quick and exactly what i was looking for. Thank you David. I'll happily accept your comment as an answer, if you'd like to post it as an answer. – Zest May 7 at 22:01

You just need color (or xcolor) package and

  • Thank you very much @David. I'm allowed to accept your answer in a few minutes. – Zest May 7 at 22:05

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