I'm using the minutes package from https://ctan.org/pkg/minutes and changed the header and footer with fancyhdr:

% Minutes

% Header & Footer
\fancyfoot[R]{Seite {\thepage} von \pageref{LastPage}}

Is there a way to set the header \fancyhead[C]{} to the topic of the current page and the footer \fancyfoot[L]{} to the name set in \begin{Protokoll}{Protokoll Jugendausschuss}?

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A topic is a section, and \section puts information in \leftmark or \rightmark depending on the documentclass.

If your document is article based (including scrart), it would be:


If it is report based, or anything that has chapters, it would be:


You could also redefine \sectionmark to use the mark of your choice. For mor information, read the fancyhdr documentation.


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