For a class project paper, I am trying to write our paper in the following manner as we have seven (7) authors with the same affiliations.

enter image description here

I tried multiple authors with the same affiliations in a single line approach, even there it overlaps while writing 7 author names and email addresses. So I tried the following:

  \author{Sakib Ahmed, Abu Nayeem Tasneem, Mosarrat Rumman, Najib Murshed\\ {\bf Mofaqkhayrul Islam, Sahiba Tasneem and Md. Tarikul Islam} \\
  Department of Computer Science and Engineering \\
  Brac University \\
  Mohakhali, Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh \\
  \texttt{ \{sakib.ahmed,abu.nayeem.tasneem,mosarrat.rumman,md.najib.murshed\}@bracu.ac.bd } \\
  \texttt{ \{mofaqkhayrul.islam,sahiba.tasneem,md.tarikul.islam\}@bracu.ac.bd } \\

enter image description here

Is this a correct method for writing?

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