How to write these two symbols in LaTeX

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I know the Latex symbols are $\Delta$ but how to shade the Delta in Latex? Please help.


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        \item \(\color{red}\blacktriangle\)
        \item \(\color{red}\blacktriangledown\)

That would give you

A picture of the output that the given source code produces.

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Here is a solution for LuaLaTeX or XeLaTeX:



\[ \redtriangleup\redtriangledown \]

New Computer Modern sample

In PDFTeX, load \usepackage{stix} or \usepackage{stix2} instead of \usepackage{newcomputermodern}.

ETA: You can replace \bigblacktriangleup with \blacktriangleup and \bigblacktriangledown with \blacktriangledown as in needle’s answer, while using the same approach. Many more packages support these commands.

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