I am using the sidewaystable to display a rather long table sideways on a new page. The table is not so wide that it fills the long side of the paper but it has too many rows to fit the short side -- that is if the caption is added.

So I was wondering if there is a way to display the caption non-sideways and the table sideways? In this way the page would be completely filled.

I guess it is not 100% standard procedure but I do not think it would be a big problem.


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A possible solution with use rotating package and environment \sideways:

\usepackage{booktabs, tabularx}

%---------------- Show page layout. Don't use in a real document!
\usepackage{lipsum}% For dummy text. Don't use in a real document

    \centering    % if you like to have table (vertically) centered
    \caption{My wide table}
    \begin{tabularx}{0.91\textheight}{c X}
No. &   column header   \\
1   &   \lipsum[66]     \\
2   &   \lipsum[66]     \\

enter image description here

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