To submit my paper, I need to use the Springer document class (link below). It turns out that it creates a conflict between Tikz and '\tableofcontents' which causes the compiler to not create a bibliography (go figure). If I remove either the Tikz declarations, and/or the table of contents command, the bibliography runs just dandy. I spent a while trying to understand where the conflict lies, but it is beyond me.

I stripped my file to the bare minimum, and added a sample bib file. Unfortunately, the class files are too long to post here directly, but here is the link from Springer's webpage (only the svjour3.cls and svglov3.clo files are needed).


%%% Springer class for Math Z



\title{Bibliography trouble}
\author{GI Joe}



\section{One section is enough for trouble}

The Springer document class creates a clash between Tikz and Table of Contents. \\

No bibliography entry is created for~\cite{A} or~\cite{B}. But if you comment the tikz package declarations (lines 5--7), {\bf OR} if you comment the table of contents command (line 20), the bibliography runs just fine.} \\

\begin{center}{\Large WHY!?}\end{center}




@article {A,
AUTHOR = {Arthur Ashe},
TITLE = {An able acorn},
JOURNAL = {Antarctica J.},
VOLUME = {1},
YEAR = {1901},
NUMBER = {1},
PAGES = {1--2}

@incollection {B,
AUTHOR = "Barry Bonds",
TITLE = "Bibliography blunders",
BOOKTITLE = "Bibliography Book",
PAGES = "1--100",
PUBLISHER = "Basic Books",
YEAR = "1901"
  • Add \addtocontents{toc}{\endgroup} before \end{document}. This is only a work-around, I need to think about it. May 15, 2021 at 20:54

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The problem is that the class tries to write at end document to the toc an \endgroup:


but tikz issues a \clearpage first, and then the write is never executed.

As a work around you can add this to the preamble.




An alternative with a current latex is to redefine \tableofcontents to use another hook:



The problem seems to be the use of \AtEndDocumet in the svjour3.cls. This code is used for set to small the font size of the contents. A possible workaround is just comment the are problematic lines in svjour3.cls,

<     %\section*{\contentsname}%
>     \section*{\contentsname}%
<     %\addtocontents{toc}{\begingroup\protect\small}%
<     %\AtEndDocument{\addtocontents{toc}{\endgroup}}%
>     \addtocontents{toc}{\begingroup\protect\small}%
>     \AtEndDocument{\addtocontents{toc}{\endgroup}}%

and set the font size of contents in the main document:



enter image description here

and with the workaround

enter image description here

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