I have a tex-document and wrote a bib-file with JabRef. However, the bibliography does not compile, after the usual LaTeX and bibliography compilationcommands.

Is there a way for JabRef to identify errors I may have made in writing up the bibliography?

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    Start compiling some working example. Once you are sure that you have not problem in these examples, it is easy to check if the problem is in the .tex file or in the .bib file, and in this case, it is trivial add a particular entry to the .bib example and check if that reference have error. Sometimes, read the compilation messages and the .log file also help to locate the problem.
    – Fran
    May 17 '21 at 19:28

I guess the errors are not related to JabRef, nor to your .bib file. It may be due to the way you compile your document.

You need to compile first with LaTeX (as you did, and it is normal at this point to get question marks), then with BibTeX, then with LaTeX again (one or two times).

See Bibtex, Latex compiling

  • That is what I did, and unfortunately it nevertheless does not compile. I will edit so that the question expresses this.
    – Sapiens
    May 17 '21 at 20:44

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