For a larger project with many authors I want to know how to handle references without year (typically "unpublished" or "forthcoming") while the main bibliography setup is natbib and apalike.

The built-in behaviour of natbib with apalike is to issue an error message that a reference without year cannot be handled and than swiches the bibliographystyle for all references. Is there a solution for this problem at all and how does it look? A canonical solution that can be transferred to other situations as well is much preferred.

I tried putting

year = {no year},

in the .bib file entry, but this does not really work, it produced "Author (year)" in the text, dropping the word "no" here.

year = {none},

works in the sense that the citation in text and the bibliography coinceede and that it does not throw error messages. Can this solution by considered canonical?



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