I can't seem to write normal letters now inside a math equations, every letter of my keyboard now writes some weird symbols. I think I switched by accidentally using some CTRL+anykey type shortcut but I have no idea which was it.

Here are the symbols: enter image description here


The problem is that you are writing letters in \mathbb font. After you type 'R', then press "Space" once to exit mathbb font but stay in the math mode. Then press ^ on your keyboard to start the exponent.

By the way, when figuring out problems like these, it's sometimes helpful to go to "View > Code Preview Pane". Then you can easily see which letters are inside \mathbb{} and which are outside.


Seems like its a problem only when writing powers of a set like R, Q..if I don't use those and write the power beforehand then I write it with normal letters, so I got around the problem by doing that.

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