I'm trying to make a phenyl radical using chemfig, so far I've used this code:


What I obtain however is this, with a "broken" angle in the phenyl:


How to obtain a representation like this one?


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I would propose to insert a small invisible bond:


If you need it more often it is probably a good thing to define a suitable submol:


As for the scheme you can use chemfig's scheming commands (see “part V Reaction Schemes“ of the documentation).

Here is an example:


 % \arrow(from--to){->[<above>][<below>]}[<angle>,<length factor>]
 % the \arrow is rather complex. all arguments are optional.
 % In this case we name the preceding compound `a' to be able to refer to it
 % later.
 % the arrow type `0' is invisible but centers the `phenyl' and the `+':
 \arrow{0}[,0]\+ Br$^-$
 % now we insert the charge and the radical to the first compound, again using
 % an invisible arrow and TikZ' anchors:
 \arrow(@a.north east--){0}[,0] $-$\Lewis{0.,}


enter image description here

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