In my output PDF, \href seems not to work. I generate a PDF file, using pdfLaTeX, and in the compiled file the link doesn't connect to the Web site. How can I fix it?



% required packages 

% Create column layout
% define length commands

% frame setup (flowfram package)
% left frame
% left frame

% small static frame for the vertical line

% content of the static frame
        \draw[loosely dotted,color=RoyalBlue,line width=1.5pt,yshift=0]
        (0,0) -- (0,\textheight);}%

% right frame
% horizontal rule between frames (using TikZ)
        \draw[loosely dotted,color=Orange,line width=1.5pt,yshift=-#1] 
        (0,0) -- (0pt,#3);}%

% define macros (for convience)

        {\ignorespaces{\color{RoyalBlue} O Sobie}}


{\textbf{\color{RoyalBlue} #1}}

% Begin document

% Left frame

        Daniel Miliński \\
        \href{mailto:daniel_milinski@o2.pl}        {\nolinkurl{daniel_milinski@o2.pl}}  \\
        \url{www.kognitywistyka.net} \\
        (791) 26 05 29

% Right frame
\Huge\bfseries{\color{RoyalBlue} Daniel Miliński} \\
\Large\bfseries  Kognitywista \

Kognitywisci stanowią -- ludzie chcą się nauczyć myśleć jak mszyny, m y próbujemy [po więcej informacji na temat: Czym jest Kognitwistyka?
Multydyscyplinaren wykształcenie pozwala na 
\href{http://kognitywistyka.net}{go to button}



If you say \url{www.kognitywistyka.net}, hyperref is not able to know what kind of link you're declaring.

I'd input the address as

Daniel Miliński \\
  \ignorewidth{\href{mailto:daniel_milinski@o2.pl}{\nolinkurl{daniel_milinski@o2.pl}}}  \\
  \ignorewidth{\href{http://www.kognitywistyka.net}{\nolinkurl{www.kognitywistyka.net}}} \\
(791) 26 05 29

so it stays on four lines. The \ignorewidth command is defined as


which you should add in your preamble.

  • It still dosen't anser in a pdf document. Ansers in a document in TeXStudio [after pdfLateX] but not in a direct file [in which i'm interested]. Jun 24 '12 at 13:16
  • Thank You for Your time and attitude. I tried it, and it works fine, but only in a TeX studio viewer. It dosen't work from hard drive. Jun 24 '12 at 13:36
  • 1
    What do you mean "from hard drive"?
    – egreg
    Jun 24 '12 at 13:54

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