I'm trying to use biblatex-chicago to cite some papers with a common first author. I am using uniquelist=minyear, so ideally biblatex should only display enough authors to disambiguate references that have a common publication year. However, I'm finding that it's sometimes including more authors than are needed.

Here is an example:


title = {Title the first},
author = {A. Uthor and B. Buthor and C. Cuthor and D. Duthor and E. Euthor},
journal = {Journal name},
volume = {1},
pages = {1--10},
year = 2014

  title={Title the second},
  author={A. Uthor and B. Buthor and G. Guthor and K. Kuthor},
  journal={Journal name},

title = {Title the third},
author = {A. Uthor and G. Guthor and K. Kuthor and B. Buthor},
journal = {Journal name},
volume = {3},
year = 2016

Here are three citations. \textcite{Paper:2016}, \textcite{Paper:2016b} and \textcite{Paper:2014}. 

In the example, A. Uthor is the first author of three papers, one in 2014, and two in 2016. The 2014 paper should be cited as

  • Uthor et al. (2014)

while the 2016 papers should show the second author to disambiguate them

  • Uthor, Buthor et al. (2016)
  • Uthor, Guthor et al. (2016)

However, when I compile the above code, the three papers are cited as

  • Uthor et al. (2014)
  • Uthor, Buthor, Guthor, et al. (2016)
  • Uthor, Guthor, et al. (2016)

The first is correct, as is the last. However, the second reference seems to have added extra authors to disambiguate it from the 2014 reference.

What am I missing, or is this a bug in biblatex?


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This is a Biber bug (https://github.com/plk/biber/issues/377) that was fixed in version 2.17.

The MWE now produces

Here are three citations. Uthor, Buthor, et al. (2016), Uthor, Guthor,
et al. (2016) and Uthor et al. (2014).

as desired.

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