this seem very basic but i've already tried lots of thing without any success.

This is the tex that i am working on, and im compiling it in LuaTeX:


% Linguagem

%% Table of contents
\setcounter{tocdepth}{2}    % remove subsubsection from toc

% Multicols

% enumitem
\usepackage{enumitem} % modify enumerate index
\setlist[itemize]{left = -9mm}

%% titlesec

% Part customization
    [block]                         % shape
    {\huge\bfseries\color{Emph}}            % format
    {\thepart\hspace{5mm}{$|$}}         % label
    {5mm}                           % sep
    {\huge\bfseries}                    % before-code
\counterwithin*{section}{part} % Reset section on part

% Maths
\usepackage{amsmath, amssymb}
\usepackage{bm} % Boldmath


% Colors

\colorlet{Emph}{ blue!40!white}


% mytitle and myauthor
\newcommand\mytitle{{my title}}
\newcommand\myauthor{{my author}}

% title, author and date

% hyperref
    % Links customization
    % PDF customization
    % fix hyperref links

% subsubsection customization



% Table of Contents

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{} % remove title

\begin{multicols}{2} \tableofcontents \end{multicols}




\part{Topologia Elementar na Reta $\mathbb{R}$}
\label{topologia elementar na reta r}

\section{Vizinhança $V_{\epsilon}$}


% Majorante e Minorante


% Infimo e Supremo

    \section{Infimo Inf}
    \section{Supremo Sup}


% Minimo e Maximo
    \section{Minimo Min}
    \section{Maximo Max}


% Interior e Exterior
    \section{Interior Int}
    \section{Exterior Ext}

\section{Ponto de Acumulação}
\label{ponto de acumulacao}

\section{Fronteira Fr}

\label{conjunto limitado}


    \label{conjunto aberto}
    \label{conjunto fechado}


% Feixe e Ponto de Acumulação

    \section{Feixe $\overline X$}



\part{Indução Matemática}
\label{inducao matematica}

\section{Indução por Igualdade}
\label{inducao por igualdade}

\section{Indução por Desigualdade}
\label{inducao por desigualdade}



\section{Sucessão Monótona}
\label{sucessao monotona}


    \label{sucessao monotona crescente}
    \label{sucessao monotona decrescente}


\section{Sucessão Limitada}
\label{sucessao limitada}

\section{Sucessão Convergente}
\label{sucessao convergente}

\section{Demonstrações para Sucessões}


    X \text{ é \hyperref[sucessao convergente]{convergente}}
\implies &\\&
    X \text{ é \hyperref[sucessao limitada]{limitada}}

    X \text{ é \hyperref[sucessao monotona]{monotona} e \hyperref[sucessao limitada]{limitada}}
\implies &\\&
    X \text{ é \hyperref[sucessao convergente]{convergente}} 





\part{Continuidade em $\mathbb{R}$}


Everything seem in place but the output pdf have lots of links in the wrong place i've already tried fixing hyperref with the following fixes:

  • hypertexnames=false
  • destlabel=false
  • plainpages=false
  • naturalnames=false

And even through hypertexnames=false alone previously fixed this problem in other files, in this one it seems to be useless.

  • 1
    You are resetting sections at \part, and so their number is no longer unique. Use \renewcommand\theHsection{\thepart.\thesection} after loading hyperref. May 24 at 14:09
  • Great! that worked, i knew i had to change the way hyperref referenced section but i didn't even know i could just do that. Thanks May 24 at 14:37

As suggested by @UlrikeF, Adding \renewcommand\theHsection{\thepart.\thesection} just after \hypersetup{...} solves the problem

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