I am looking for a package that helps to print two pages per sheet for a brochure. I have used leaflet class for printing three pages per sheet.

Booklet package looks promising. But it doesnt work well. The first page when centralized goes out of page. The code is given below

hello World
From me
Hi again
\section*{{\small TECHNICAL SESSIONS}}
\subsection*{{\footnotesize DAY 1}}

Whenever I need to do this, I always separate the ideas of sheet and page, and concentrate on the typographical unit, the page.

As I don't know what half-letter-paper is, I'll deal with A4 sheets, and A5 pages (which fit two to an A4 sheet). In this case, I'd specify the document entirely as A5 pages (or half-letter-paper), using geometry or memoir's built-in page geometry features, and then, at printing time, print them two up or in a booklet arrangement using my PDF viewer and printer driver in the way that does that best.

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    Seconded! If it's neccessary to create the booklet as PDF, the pdfpages package supports all kinds of page arrangements. – Stephan Lehmke Jun 14 '12 at 16:50

I also wanted to do this but I ended up using pdfbook with the command:

pdfbook --short-edge my.pdf

You might also need to change the signature (number of pages being folded), for example:

pdfbook --short-edge --signature 12 my.pdf
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What about adding:


Right before \begin{document}?

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With magazine and raster libraries from tcolorbox, it is possible to manually compose leaflets and booklets.

Following code shows an example taken from "Leaflet Example" in tcolorbox (v4.03) documentation. The original 6 pages leaflet has been converted into a 4 pages booklet.

sharp corners,size=minimal,left=10mm,right=10mm,top=10mm,bottom=10mm,
break at=\textheight,
height fixed for=all,
reset box array,
store to box array,#1]}
\begin{tcbitemize}[raster columns=2,raster equal skip=0pt,blankest]
at (frame.south) {- \arabic{tcbbreakpart} -};}]
\bfseries\LARGE Example
\section{Main Part A}
\section{Main Part B}

enter image description here

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