I'm able to use various tools (such as pyP2B.py) to generate a BibTex database. I've also successfully created a AMA styled RTF of the database using JabRef and the APAish extension, although this has to be done manually - and the output is RTF, not HTML or PDF.

What I'm ultimately working toward is automating this process for use in a web application. I'd like to pass the bib file and style as arguments, and receive a stylized PDF or HTML as an output string.

postnote - if my question is not suited for TEX, please go easy. I had an unexpectedly negative response to a similar question posted on StackOverflow yesterday which was more open ended than this. If needed let me know, and I'll delete - please do not punish with downrates.

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  • Perhaps try a LaTeX source file with \bibliographystyle{foo} and \bibliography{bar} and have your script rename the generated style and .bib files appropriately? pdflatex will generate pdf; there are several tex2html options. – Ethan Bolker Jun 14 '12 at 16:03
  • Maybe bib2xhtml or bib2html can help you? – matth Jun 14 '12 at 20:30