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How can i draw this diagram in latex? Any help would be so apreciated, thanks in advance.

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Here's a very simple way to do it.

\boxed{\text{difficult problem for an individual operator}} \\
\downarrow \\
\boxed{\text{simpler problem for a \(C^*\)-algebra}} \\
\downarrow \\
\boxed{\text{result for the \(C^*\)-algebra}} \\
\downarrow \\
\boxed{\text{desired result for the individual operator}}

However, if the diagram was more complicated other tools (like TikZ) would be more appropriate.

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You can do this with Tikz:



    \begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=1cm,outer sep=0.5cm]

    \node[rectangle,,draw=black](a) at (0,0) {difficult problem for an individual operator};
    \node[rectangle,draw=black,below=of a] (b) {simpler problem for a C*-algebra};
    \node[rectangle,draw=black,below=of b] (c) {result for the C*-algebra};
    \node[rectangle,draw=black,below=of c] (d) {desired result for the operator};
    \draw [->] (a) edge (b) (b) edge (c) (c) edge (d);


enter image description here


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