I want to have the whole reference in the body of the text or in other words in-text citation. The solution to this problem has been given here. However, the code is set up there such that there is also a reference section at the end. I don't want that. I only want the citations spelled out in the body itself and no references section at the end. Can it be done? How should I do it. Consider the code discussed there itself as an example to try out the solution.

Edit: If there is any other method to get the full references spelled out within the body of the text directly from the bibtex entries but without invoking \bibentry, that'll also work.


you need to use \nobibliography if the bibliography shouldn't be printed:

        author = "John",
        title = "The book's title",
        year = "2013",
        publisher = "Cambridge",



\usepackage[round]{natbib}  % bibliography package

\usepackage{bibentry}         %  full citation in the body of the text (turn off natbib if use it)

\nobibliography*                   % no bib at the end


This would be the complete citation


And this would be just the regular citation: \cite{example}




An alternative is to use biblatex + biber and the \fullcite command:



This would be the complete citation



enter image description here

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