As an extended idea of Using section sign (§) for cross-references to sections, how can we use

See ⚙5.2 and ☰5.3 in ☞123.

instead of:

See figure 5.2 and table 5.3 in page 123.

(Surely there are more appropriate symbols, but because of HTML and font concerns I used these symbols.)

see also: Looking for an appropriate icon for figures, one for tables and one for pages referring

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    Love the idea, might adapt it for some documents. Jun 15 '12 at 15:31

When using the cleveref package it works exactly like in the link you gave, only you need to change the command to


Just change the symbols. \cref{first figure} now gives an alpha 1, \cpageref{fig} gives an beta {pagenumber here}.

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    I shamelessly copied your phrasing, but also gave +1 for your answer & hope that's OK for you.
    – Stephen
    Jun 15 '12 at 8:51

When using the hyperref package it works exactly like in Werner's answer at the link you gave, only you need to change the commands to the following:


Just change the symbols. Also see hyperref's \autoref-list by lockstep.

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