I am not able to increase the size of the canvas of the IPE extensible drawing editor. Any help will be great as my image is not fitting in the default canvas size of IPE editor. Thanks

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The size of the canvas in Ipe can be changed using a style sheet. This is a separate file in xml format where you can add definitions to be used in your Ipe documents, for example color definitions or pen widths. One of the settings that you can add in such a file is the paper and frame size.

To use these settings you need to create a file in the same folder as your Ipe document. The settings file needs to be saved with the extension .isy. Then, when you open your document in Ipe, select Style sheets from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl+Shift+S). Click on Add and find your style sheet file. The new style will be applied automatically. If you want to modify the style file and reload then you can delete it from the menu and add it again.

Example .isy file:

<ipestyle name="customsize">
   <layout paper="1612 400" origin="0 0" frame="1612 400"/>

Result, show a canvas with reduced height and increased width:

enter image description here

You can find more information about style sheets on https://ipe.otfried.org/manual/manual_stylesheets.html.

  • Thanks a lot @Marjin.. :)
    – Turing101
    Jun 11, 2021 at 13:40

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