I use PythonTeX for a number of my articles, yet a number of journals request a single .tex file which they can compile with what I assume is just texlive and a bunch of packages.

The problem being that they don't have PythonTeX. The way I understand it, however, PythonTeX generates a bunch of PGF and PNG figures, which are then static unless it is re-run. I also see that PythonTeX does not re-run any Python code if I do just recompile the document without editing any of the code.

Is there any way to use the trace files generated by pdflatex and PythonTeX upon compilation to create a document which will compile without PythonTeX and simply based on the static figures I can distribute to them?

I have tried arlatex based on this question but it fails for the PythonTeX elements (be they figures or text).


PythonTeX comes with depythontex that, according to section 5 of the manual,

can convert a PythonTEX document into a plain LATEX document

You need to

  1. Turn on the package option depythontex
  2. Run the depythontex.py script
  3. Compile the depythontex file

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