I want to make the online exam for my student with a google form, but when I export images of questions, they are too big (full A4 paper), I want to export images of questions to be small corresponding heigh and width of them. Please help me. Thanks.


One can set your width and height with \includegraphics[width=\linewidth,height=4cm]{mypicture}, usually just width enought. There is also exam package.


If you want to crop a document to the text/images it contains the best way is to use standalone.

This would require you to define a standalone document for each of your questions. each question will generate a cropped pdf.

Another option is to wrap each question in the preview environment. Each such environment will also generate a cropped pdf.

I would also advise OP to search exporting from latex. One can find good pages such as this

Note: This answer simply points OP in the direction of packages he might use. If OP would supply us with a Minimal Working Example, we could see which fits his problem best

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