My question is similar to this, but for ConTeXt.

I have multiple documents, that are to be bundled as a set (e.g. textbook, workbook, teachers' guide). I frequently need to make a cross-reference to another item, e.g. the workbook might say "Refer to Article 3 on p. 1 of the textbook."

Is there a way to make such cross-references? s Hyperlinking is not needed.


You can do that with \useexternaldocument as described in the wiki:

% textbook.tex


  \input knuth


enter image description here

% workbook.tex





See Knuth on \at{page}[tb::knuth] of the \from[tb].


enter image description here

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    You can refer to the other document without \useexternaldocument when you put the name of the other document before :: in the reference (i.e. \at{page}[textbook::knuth]. Setting a different name for the document with \useexternaldocument is still recommended. Jun 3 at 7:12
  • Thanks! That’s good to know
    – DG'
    Jun 3 at 12:42

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