I am using overleaf and writing an article using IEEEtran.

I am trying to add a reference to a website, like this:

  author="{Confederação Nacional da Indústria}",
  title="{Portal CNI - Institucional}",
  note="(acesso em 3 de Junho de 2021)",

The issue is that in references the URL appears this way: "Available: http://www.portaldaindustria.com.br/cni/institucional/"

I would like to replace the word "Available" to the brazilian portuguese translation, that is "Disponível".

I tried to add the code below, but it didn`t work:

  urlseen = {Disponivel}

Even changing that bibliografphy strings to "portuguese" or to "english", it does not take any effect.

I also already have the code below in my tex file:


But nothing appears to work. After some hours trying to solve this without any success, can anyone help me with this issue? Thank you!

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Try add urlfrom field.

urlfrom = {Disponivel},
urlseen = {Visitou em}

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