I'm working with anonymization and the GDA-Score. For a paper I wanted to make the following plots:

enter image description here

Can someone help me getting such a coordinate system with charts? So far I was only able to get a chart diagram in a box using tikz and pgfplots without a y-axis separating two areas. I also looked into the documentation, but that didn't help me. This is my first time creating charts (I only created function plots so far), and I hope I will learn something!

  • Any meaning for the numbers in your diagram? – Black Mild Jun 4 at 11:50
  • It's important, that they are there, but they do not affect the size of the bar. – Titanlord Jun 4 at 12:03

One simple way is drawing as it is. I hope the code is self-explained.

enter image description here

\foreach \i/\j/\col/\lw/\itextB/\itextA in {
\draw[color=\col,line width=\lw] (\i-.3,0)--+(90:-\j);
(\i-.3,0)   node[above=1mm,scale=.9]{\itextA}
(\i-.3,-\j) node[above,scale=.7]{\itextB};      
\draw[thick] (-3,0)--(5.5,0) 
(0,-2) node[below]{bad} -- (0,2) node[above]{good};
  • Ah I see, you simply skipped pgfplots and just did it in tikz. I thought it would be easier with pgfplots, but thats also very good. Thank you for the answer! – Titanlord Jun 4 at 14:57
  • 1
    @Titanlord I see that pgfplots is powerful. However, it is too hard for me to remember a lot of option names, so I often use basic commands of plain TikZ. – Black Mild Jun 4 at 18:35

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