I am required to produce a PDF/A-3a document for my thesis. I know there are a couple of questions and anwers already about this topic in TeX.SE, but they're generally quite old and I haven't found good answers on this particular topic.

Some people suggested to use the pdfx package, but it was also said that it has some issues. So what is the best option for creating a PDF/A-3a as of now? Could you please make an example? I'm using pdflatex as compiler.

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    A-3a requires the pdf to be tagged. This can be done currently only with the experimental/research package tagpdf, which requires also the use of the pdfmanagement-testphase package. You should then use lualatex as paragraph tagging doesn't work yet with pdflatex. A-3b can be achieved with pdfx and also with the pdfmanagement-testphase package. Commented Jun 4, 2021 at 18:48

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Following the comment by @ulrike-fischer, I was able to validate a basic example using LuaLaTeX and the following packages: pdfmanagement-testphase, axessibility, and pdfx. I never used any of those before so maybe we don't need them all.

    author={Some Author},
    title={Some title},
\usepackage{fixpdfx}  % See: https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/606007
\usepackage[backend=biber, style=apa]{biblatex}

\hypersetup{draft}  % Disable hyperlinks.


\setmainfont{STIX Two Text}
\setmathfont{STIX Two Math}

\title{My title}
\author{My author}


Lorem ipsum \autocite{mybook}.



I had to disable hyperlinks with \hypersetup{draft}. Without this line, the validation fails with this message:

Specification: ISO 19005-3:2012, Clause: 6.3.2, Test number: 1

Except for annotation dictionaries whose Subtype value is Popup, all annotation dictionaries shall contain the F key.

I did not try any tables or figures.


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