I am trying to produce a bibliography style in the file "jf.bst" that uses "et al." whenever there are more than three authors. E.g.: "Myers et al. (2020) provide evidence that potatoes are delicious." as opposed to " Myers, Pedersen, Stuart and Jameson (2020) provide evidence that potatoes are delicious."

The file jf.bst is available here: http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/stanton/texintro/

This question was asked a while ago by someone else here: Fix a .bst file to display "Author et al. (year)" if a .bib entry contains more than 2 authors?

I've tried to use the solution proposed there but now I get "et al." for more than 2 authors instead of 3 (see code below) which is not the goal either...


   %%%KCB:  Change format of labels:
    FUNCTION {format.lab.names}
    { 's :=
      s num.names$ 'numnames :=
      s #1 "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$
      numnames #1 >
        { s #2 "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$ 't :=
          numnames #2 >
          t "others" =
            { " et~al." * }
            { " and " * t * }


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