I am using AMSRefs to format my references, and I've noticed that the space between the last full stop and the subsequent review entry is usually absent. Here's an MCVE:




    author={First Author},
    author={Second Author},
    title={Title of the paper},
    journal={Journal of interesting results},
    pages={8\ndash 11},
    review={Zbl 0123.45678},



Screenshot showing the lack of space between the last full stop and the first review entry.

If I use the command \MR provided by the package to format the Mathematical Reviews entries as review={\MR{12345}}, etc., then a sentence space is added before each review entry. So, the spacing between first and second review entries now looks weird, especially in comparison with the spacing between the second and third entries.

Screenshot showing the sentence spaces added when the \MR command is used.

Question: How can I get the spacing to be right?


For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, the following changes seem to solve the problem.

  • Removing the command \SentenceSpace from the style specification of the review entry in \BibSpec{article} fixes the spacing issue, provided the \MR command is not used for markup. In fact, it is probably a good idea to redefine all the bibliography entry types that use the review entry by editing their \BibSpecs appropriately.

  • To use the \MR command and maintain proper spacing of the review entries, redefining the \MR command using


    fixes the issue. However, the new \MR command now requires that the entries be made only in the format review={\MR{12345}}. More detailed tweaks are needed to get proper formatting and linking of entries of the form:

    review={\MR{12345 (67 \#8910)}}
    review={\MR{MR12345 (67 \#8910)}}

    I mention this because the \MR command provided by the AMSRefs package is meant to deal with the above cases. Adjusting the new \MR command to take care of these cases is currently beyond me; I am happy to take suggestions for improvement from more experienced users here.

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