To define localized unit symbols siunitx suggests using \DeclareSIUnit. It works well, except certain cases, like for example, \ohm. The error message is incomprehensible. Consider the following MWE:

\setdefaultlanguage[babelshorthands = true]{russian}


\setmainfont{Libertinus Serif}
\newfontfamily\cyrillicfont{Libertinus Serif}



«… а может быть, человек~— лишь промежуточное звено для создания истинного венца
творения~— рюмки коньяка с ломтиком лимона…»



It results in the following error message:

> \l__siunitx_symbol_tmpa_tl=macro:
->\mathrm {Ω}.
<argument> \show \l__siunitx_symbol_tmpa_tl 
                                 \show \l__siunitx_symbol_tmpb_tl \group_end: \
l.13 \begin{document}
> \l__siunitx_symbol_tmpb_tl=macro:
->\mathrm {\protect \text  {Ом}}.
<argument> ...ymbol_tmpa_tl \show \l__siunitx_symbol_tmpb_tl 
                                                  \group_end: \prg_return_fa...
l.13 \begin{document}

What on earth it is supposed to mean? And what should I do?


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There was a piece of stray debugging code in one release: you can just press Enter to get past it. The issue was only present in v3.0.11: it was not present in v3.0.10 and was fixed in v3.0.12.

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