Assume that I want to write a letter with KOMAscript (either via \usepackage{scrlttr2} or \usepackage{scrartcl} \usepackage{scrletter}) and I want to store the address of the sender in the location field, more precisely, in the corresponding KOMA variable like in the following:

% Alternative 1

% % Alternative 2
% \documentclass{scrartcl}
% \usepackage{scrletter}

% Text body

% Aligns the address field to the top

% % Toggle for the backaddress
% \KOMAoption{backaddress}{false}

% KOMAvars
\setkomavar{backaddress}{Sauron, Barad-dûr, Mordor}

% Inserts sender into the location field
    % skip by <magiclength>
    \raggedleft Sauron\\Barad-dûr\\Mordor



    \opening{Dear Saruman,}





The relevant portion of the output sheet is the upper part:

Output Upper Part

How can I accomplish to align both addresses as if would write (forgive me)

Saruman \hfill Sauron\\Orthanc \hfill Barad-dûr\\Isengard \hfill Mordor

in normal text, regardless of the presence of a backaddress (and in the best case, regardless of the presence of a so called special mail hint).

A naïve solution attempt would possibly find the right pseudolength (as indicated by % skip by <magiclength> in \setkomavar{location}{[...]} but I cannot find such a length (compare with the graphic in this answer).

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