Some time ago I asked how I can use footnote environment and got good advise. But I had also the question what will happen if I need to use 2 or more footnote. I knew that I will meet such problem in short time. And this happens now. I tried small text


\def\FrameCommand{\fboxsep1pt \colorbox{shadecolor}}%
  \MakeFramed {\FrameRestore}}%


\title{Test File}

In this paper I test footnotes in framed environment.

Let $A$ be algebra.
The norm\,\footnotemark
on module $A$ such that\,\footnotemark
is called norm on algebra $A$.
If algebra $A$ is division algebra,
then norm is called
absolute value
and we use notation $|a|$ for norm of $A$-number $a$.
The inequality
follows from the theorem

and output works like I expected. But I saw one unexpected error. Log file reports me

pdfTeX warning (dest): name{Hfootnote.1.1} has been referenced but does not exist, replaced by a fixed one

and I see that reference 1.1 is disabled. I saw also other error as well:

pdfTeX warning (ext4): destination with the same identifier (name{Hfootnote.1.2}) has been already used, duplicate ignored.



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