I am using the code below to add the list of symbols to my document. I am getting the following errors for the rows where the function \ifthenelse is used:

  1. Undefined control sequence for all of them
  2. Extra \fi only for the first 2 (so for the \addchap{List of Symbols part and the one with symbol)
  3. Overfull \hbox for the one with the symbol
% Symbolverzeichnis
\ifthenelse{\boolean{english}}{\addchap{List of Symbols}}{\addchap{Symbolverzeichnis}}
\hspace{-17mm}\begin{tabular}{>{\raggedleft}p{0.08\linewidth} p{0.3\linewidth} >{\raggedleft\arraybackslash}p{0.2\linewidth}}
\ifthenelse{\boolean{english}}{name}{Bezeichnung} & \ifthenelse{\boolean{english}}{unit}{Einheit} \\\hline
$a$ & \ifthenelse{\boolean{english}}{acceleration}{Beschleunigung} & $\unit{\frac{m}{s^2}}$\\
$F$ & \ifthenelse{\boolean{english}}{force}{Kraft} & $\unit{N}$
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    Please provide a complete example, see tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/228. Jun 16 at 18:11
  • 1
    you have not shown the error, or even said which command was undefined and you have not provided any example that allows anyone to reproduce the error. Jun 16 at 19:36
  • Overfull \hbox just refers a line that LaTeX had some trouble setting to its liking. Unless the line visually looks bad, there's usually no need to make any changes. Jun 16 at 22:11

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