I am trying to create a table in LaTeX. I have a file with few tables, and when I try to create one more, it yields the following errors:

There are several problems at this line:

  • Missing number, treated as zero.\begin{table}[hbt] (followed by: )
  • Undefined control sequence: \begin{table}[hbt] (followed by: )
  • Too many unprocessed floats. \begin{table}[hbt] (followed by: )

If I create this table without the table environment, it works. But when I surround it with \begin{table}[hbt] ... \end{table}, I get the mentioned errors. I have no idea what is wrong, because all previous table are identical (copy/paste).

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One of your tables is big and cannot be placed either at the top or at the bottom (tables cannot exceed 70% of the page height, in order to be placed at the top or bottom of a page).

Since you don't specify p (page) placement, all tables remain in the queue until it overflows its capacity. Leave out the optional [htb] argument or add also a p.

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