Would like to center all tables within floats, without having to add \centering to each table.


Tried the following:


It compiles, but the tables remain left-justified.


How would you edit the Preamble of a LyX document to make all the floating tables be centred?


If you would like to center all tabular environments, I would recommend to create your own environment with a different name, which calls tabular. You could use that instead of redefining tabular itself.

But no problem, this can be done. Just use \renewenvironment, for example:


This as addition to your first try redefining tabular.

You could redefine the floating table environment very similar:


You could also use etoolbox to patch the table environment or append \centering to the definition this way:




In the Lyx list, I learned that the following in the preamble will automatically center the contents of figures and tables in floats. It works for me.



I didn't test this with LyX, but \usepackage{floatrow} also centers the contents of floats. (The justification is configurable, but \centering is floatrow's default behaviour.)

  • You have to use floatbox code to use floatrow. LyX adds floats as \begin_inset Float table; were I hand-coding this in LaTeX, I could try it. – Dave Jarvis Nov 27 '10 at 19:47

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