I hope the title is pretty self explanatory.

So basically, I would like a write an "see appendix X" in the main body, but without knowing what that appendix will be named Appendix A/B/C etc. Because I might add a new appendix later on. So what I was thinking is something a little like a combination of \ref and \item command that allows me to refer to the precise name of the section(appendix) without knowing the specific sequence and name of said appendix beforehand.

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If you try with \label{appendix_1} right after the beginning of the appendix and you mention it like [Appendix \ref{appendix_1}], would it work? Because in this case, it would change the name automatically as you add new stuff in the appendix


Maybe you can have a look at the cleveref package.


    See \cref{sec:2} or \cref{ssec:2} (we capital letter: \Cref{sec:2} or \Cref{ssec:2})
    You can even get the titles: See \nameref{sec:2} or \nameref{ssec:2}
    See \cref{sec:1} or \cref{ssec:1}

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  • From the example provided, it seams the question is about number of appendix, not its name. Simple \lebl/\ref does the job. Jul 3, 2021 at 1:36

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