I am using beamer and I would like to use \textsc but with Helvetica. Adding


to the preamble does the job. Problem is, this changes too all the text of the slides to Helvetica, since I am using


to get sans serif on my slides (by default, it is Computer Modern Sans Serif). I want to use Computer Modern Sans Serif in the rest of the slides, not Helvetica. I have looked through TSE questions and I have found nothing related. How can I achieve this?

Any help will be appreciated :)

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Okey, I just figured it out.

There is no need at all to load the helvet package; instead, we can use

    Your Text Goes Here

to get the desired result.

Actually, by default, Helvetica on LaTeX can be too big in comparison with other fonts. To turn Helvetica into a "normal size" while avoiding my original problem, we can add


to the preamble. The first line reescales Helvetica to 92% of its default size. The second line resets the default sans serif font to Computer Modern Sans Serif.


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