I am using Lyx (with MikTeX), and now I nead to write documents in Hebrew, but it doesn't work for me. Every time that I tried, I got the warning "File 'cp1255.def' not found". File 'cp1255.def' not found

I did a search in Google, and found this page, that said I need to download the package babel-hebrew, so I downloaded babel-hebrew. But there was no installation file, but only a zip file, so I nead to know where to put the file (somewhere in C:\Program Files\LyX 2.3?). I would like to know the exact location, or anyone has another solution for the problem?


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Try with the template files from https://github.com/guyru/lyx-hebrew-templates. They properly setup LyX with XeTeX (which is the modern way to get Hebrew support). To use the templates as is, you need to have Culmus fonts installed. Alternatively, change the fonts under Documents->Settings->Fonts to something you have installed. See this blog post for more details.

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