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I was trying to filldraw this rose with five petals using tikz, but I didn't succeed.

r=(\sqrt{\frac{7}{\pi}})*cos {5*\theta}), \theta \in [0,2\pi]

Here you are! (also see this 5-petal water lily)

enter image description here

\draw[smooth,magenta,fill=violet!30] plot[domain=0:36*5,samples=200] (\x:{\R*cos(5*\x)});

For fun, the code is rather short with pstricks (I replaced the coefficient with a numeric approximation):

\documentclass[svgnames, border=3pt]{standalone}


\psset{arrowinset=0.12,unit=2,plotpoints = 2000, plotstyle=curve, linejoin=1}
\psplot[algebraic, polarplot, linecolor=IndianRed, linewidth=1.2pt, fillstyle=solid, fillcolor=MistyRose!50]{-3.1416}{3.1416}{1.5*cos(5*x)}
\psaxes[linecolor=LightSteelBlue, tickcolor=LightSteelBlue, xAxis=true,yAxis=true,labels=none, ticksize=2pt -2pt, showorigin=false]{->}(0,0)(-1.8,-1.8)(1.8,1.8)


enter image description here

  • Will it kindly be possible for you to do it with tikz?
    – Ashiq
    Jul 11 at 17:23
  • Unfortunately, I don't know TiKZ well enough to do it. But you can compile it as an independent file (the simplest way is to compile with xelatex) and insert the resulting .pdf with \includegraphics
    – Bernard
    Jul 11 at 17:35

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