bar chart inline with text

I want to duplicate the bar chart in this paragraph. How can I do that using Latex? Is it even possible? I have used search keywords such as bar chart inline with the text, bar chart within the text, but I couldn't find what I am looking for. Any idea of how this can be achieved?

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If you have some fluency with Tkiz, you could include it in the text as mentioned at Tikz picture inline.


It's just an image. Generate it as you would any other figure, paying attention to the scale and font sizes, then incorporate it with \includegraphics, not using a figure environment.

inline bar chart

To generate this I:

  • made the graph in LibreOffice
  • saved as a PDF
  • opened it in Inkscape
  • stripped it down the the essentials
  • resized to 12pt high, keeping the aspect ratio (should have been 10pt)
  • added the numbers
  • cropped to exactly the objects required
  • saved as graph.pdf
  • included with the following code


This is some text, surrounding a little inline bar chart (\includegraphics{/tmp/graph.pdf}).  The text carries on as if nothing had happened

Because I scaled it (almost) correctly in inkscape, I didn't need to use a size parameter in the call to \includegraphics

  • I didn't think we could use includegraphics, though it's very lengthy
    – London-35
    Jul 14, 2021 at 19:54

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