Is there a way to make \frametitle automatically take the \subsection heading?

Or maybe equivalently, is there a way to make the section\subsection titles in the header larger? I am afraid the audience may not follow the section\subsection title.

Thanks! (FWIW, so far I've been using the Warsaw theme)

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will replace all frame titles, as far as they exist, but will not magically make a frame title appear if you don't give the argument to the frame environment or give a \frametitle{} command.

ETA: Additionally adding


makes every frame have a title, even if it is \relax by default. (This is somewhat hackish.)

  • Is there a way to stop this routine modifying the looks of "\titlepage" and "\sectionpage"? Because currently it adds an empty ribbon on top of the frame.
    – Halil Sen
    May 7, 2016 at 19:13

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