Is there a way to make \frametitle automatically take the \subsection heading?

Or maybe equivalently, is there a way to make the section\subsection titles in the header larger? I am afraid the audience may not follow the section\subsection title.

Thanks! (FWIW, so far I've been using the Warsaw theme)




will replace all frame titles, as far as they exist, but will not magically make a frame title appear if you don't give the argument to the frame environment or give a \frametitle{} command.

ETA: Additionally adding


makes every frame have a title, even if it is \relax by default. (This is somewhat hackish.)

  • Is there a way to stop this routine modifying the looks of "\titlepage" and "\sectionpage"? Because currently it adds an empty ribbon on top of the frame. – Halil ŞEN May 7 '16 at 19:13

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