Is it possible to make math or text symbols of these forms: enter image description here

Are there already available in LaTex?

These are from Bagua for your reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagua

Thank you in advance!


The sizes can be tailored. \bagwd is the full width of the character, \baggaph is the horizontal space on the zero rows, \baggapv is the interrow vertical gap of the bagua character, and \baght is the height of each of the three black rows.

\expandafter\def\csname bag0\endcsname{%
\expandafter\def\csname bag1\endcsname{%
\newcommand\bagrow[1]{\csname bag#1\endcsname}
  \Shortstack{\bagrow#3 \bagrow#2 \bagrow#1}}

enter image description here

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The BaGua are also in Unicode, in the Miscellanous Symbols block.

A random sample of fonts:


and so part of the font designer's expression.



\newcommand\bagua{☰☱☲☳☴☵☶☷ \iffontchar\font`八 八卦\fi}

\newcommand\namefbga{DejaVu Sans}
\newcommand\namefbgf{Noto Sans Symbols2}
\newcommand\namefbgh{Sawarabi Gothic}
\newcommand\namefbgi{Sawarabi Mincho}
\newcommand\namefbgj{UKIJ Tughra}


Font & Bagua \\
\namefbga\phantom{\Large L} & \fbga\bagua \\
\namefbgb & \fbgb\bagua \\
\namefbgc & \fbgc\bagua \\
\namefbgd & \fbgd\bagua \\
\namefbge & \fbge\bagua \\
\namefbgf & \fbgf\bagua \\
\namefbgg & \fbgg\bagua \\
\namefbgh & \fbgh\bagua \\
\namefbgi & \fbgi\bagua \\
\namefbgj & \fbgj\bagua \\

A tikz-based solution:

\usepackage   {tikz}

  \begin{tikzpicture}[x=0.4ex,y=0.4ex,line width=0.15ex]
    \foreach\i in {1,2,3}
      \ifnum\digit = 0
        \draw (0  ,3-\i) --++ (1,0);
        \draw (1.5,3-\i) --++ (1,0);
        \draw (0  ,3-\i) --++ (2.5,0);
  \end{tikzpicture}% <-- This prevents more space




enter image description here

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