i joined this forum because of a specific question, that i have already spent a few hours on investigating. i am very sure that you can help me, so that i can narrow down my problem.

i have turned in my phd thesis as a pdf to my universities's online publishing platform a few days ago. its a biochemical work lots of graphics, either .eps or .pdf. they came back to me saying that not all of the fonts were embedded into the pdf. i am not a lo9ng time tex'er through and through, but i thought that i know what i am doing, at least until now. i am confident to say that at least i am it affine.

my preamble looks like this:


\usepackage                         {selnolig}
\usepackage[crop=off]               {auto-pst-pdf-lua}

\usepackage                         {fontspec}
\usepackage                         {libertinus-otf}
\usepackage[T1]                     {fontenc}
\usepackage[utf8]                   {inputenc}
\usepackage                         {erewhon}

\usepackage[ngerman]                {babel}
\usepackage                         {lipsum}

\usepackage                         {tocloft}           % TOC/LOF/LOT
\usepackage[headsepline=0.5pt]      {scrlayer-scrpage}  % Layout
\usepackage                         {soul}

\setul{1pt}{.4pt}% 1pt below contents

%   activate={true,nocompatibility},
%   tracking=true,
%   kerning=true,
%   spacing=true,
%   factor=1100,
%   stretch=10,
%   shrink=10
    ]                               {microtype}         % Textoptimierung
    pdfauthor={Felix Maximilian Schilcher},
    pdftitle={Barcoding von genomischer DNA und Anwendung im Bereich des DNA-Mappings},
    pdfstartview = FitH,
    bookmarksopen = true,
    bookmarksnumbered = true,
    linkcolor = black,
    plainpages = false,
    hypertexnames = false,
    citecolor = black
    ]                               {hyperref}
\usepackage[font={small}]           {caption}           % Unter-/Überschriften
\usepackage                         {siunitx}           % SI-Einheiten
\usepackage[version=4]              {mhchem}            % Chemie: Formeln
\usepackage                         {chemnum}           % Chemie: Nummerierungen
\usepackage                         {longtable}         % multi-page Tabellen
\usepackage                         {graphicx}          % Grafiken
\usepackage                         {float}
\usepackage                         {array}
\usepackage                         {calc}
\usepackage                         {lscape}
\usepackage                         {setspace}



    locale = DE, 
    group-separator = \,,
    range-phrase = --,
    multi-part-units = single


\setchemnum{replace-style = \fontsize{8}{9.5}\sffamily}

%-- Kopf- und Fußzeilen

%-- Überschriften

\setlength{\cftfigindent}{0pt} % remove indentation from figures in lof
\setlength{\cfttabindent}{0pt} % remove indentation from tables in lot

%-- Tabellenüberschriften/Bildunterschiften
\setlength{\captionmargin}      {1.0em} %links/rechts margin
\setlength{\abovecaptionskip}   {2ex} %abstand reset
\setlength{\belowcaptionskip}   {1ex} %abstand reset

%-- Hurenkinder und Schusterjungen verhindern

when i go thorugh the pdf settings - the font tab doesn't show all fonts as embedded subsets whatsoever. i followed this link "https://www.karlrupp.net/2016/01/embed-all-fonts-in-pdfs-latex-pdflatex/" - but modifying the ps2pdf command line in the texlive settings didnt do anything.

similar to a post "https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/202709/how-to-embed-all-fonts-with-pdflatex-in-combination-with-pstricks-and-auto-pst-p" i have not 1 but 20 T3 fonts that are not embedded and other than that:

helvetica helvetica-bold helvetica-oblique

my pdf contains serveral eps and pdf file from powerpoint, mathlab, origin, chemdraw and so on. i am sure the fonts come from there. problem is, that last time i edited those files was more than 2 years ago and i dont even have the software (origin, chemdraw, ...) liceses anymore.

i am so frustrated, this is the very last challenge regarding my phd, can u please give me a hint at least what to search for next.

damn it, thank you :)


  • that ifpdf block looks very strange, you seem to be using luatex given you use ``{auto-pst-pdf-lua}` but then \ifpdf will be true as it is making pdf so you will take the 8-bit pdftex branch with T1 encoding and inputenc? Commented Jul 20, 2021 at 19:05
  • Welcome to the TeX.SE community. Can you, please, reduce your code in a minimal example to compile it to help you? For my humble opinion it is necessary to have a full complete example.
    – Sebastiano
    Commented Jul 20, 2021 at 19:05
  • perhaps you intended \ifpdftex at that point? Commented Jul 20, 2021 at 19:07
  • fix that ifpdf (which is forcing 8bit fonts) and if you still have issues try to edit the example so you are not asking people to run your test file with shell-escape (which really is a security risk) but is a complete document that is producing a type 3 font in the resulting pdf. Commented Jul 20, 2021 at 19:10
  • for the eps files, I would not try to convert them on the fly during the luatex run as that is hard to debug. Just input pdf files and convert them individually with epstopdf on the commandline, then if any specific figures have issues with unusual font references you can try to fix them (or ask about the specific image that is causing problems) Commented Jul 20, 2021 at 19:16


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