The problem

I want to include Cisco IOS commands (from the Cisco IOS CLI) with proper highlighting in my document.

Is it really necessary?

One could argue that applying syntax highlighting to Cisco IOS configuration commands is somehow unorthodox, or even unnecessary since command line interfaces are usually presented as plain text. In Syntax Highlighting For Network Engineers on DevNet Code Exchange, this issue is addressed.

Already existing solutions

So, I did my research on the already available options in order to avoid reinventing the wheel. I didn't find much.

For a long-term, complete solution

I would like to ask if anyone knows any already available solution for my problem (besides writing my own listings language definition). If not, I would love to hear your thoughts on what should I do for a long-term and more complete solution. Is it worth it to write my own lexer on top of an existing one and use it with the minted package?


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