I am typesetting the following document and, to my dismay, I hit this issue in its title!

  1. See the example doc below. For now, I must use Velthuis mapping for typesetting in devanaagarii (as dictated by my current workflow which I am trying to improve, but that's for later).
  2. I need the title of the doc below to be गॅलरी. I do not know how to map in Velthuis the devanaagarii sign candrabindu (unicode code-point 0901 hex (e.g. as in गॅ)). According to the Velthuis encoding scheme (as documented in Devanaagarii for TEX package Version 2.17), the encoding for candrabindu is ~a. But this does not work as ~ is rendered verbatim in the PDF (via xelatex).
  3. I tried the workaround suggested in a similar question, but that does not seem to work. The title is rendered as enter image description here.

I need it to render as enter image description here

Can you suggest any workaround?

Minimum Example Source File

% make sure ~ as non-breaking space doesn't interfere with velthuis-sanskrit mapping

  • Incidentally, h~ol renders correctly as हाॅल्! Jul 25 at 3:18
  • This is possibly a bug in the TECkit mapping file (velthuis-sanskrit.map); maybe I'm wrong or maybe there's a simple fix, but you could try contacting the package maintainer as well. Jul 25 at 5:24
  • I haven't tried it, but (just looking at the occurrences of ocandra in the .map file) you could try adding Define acandra U+0945 and then tlde a <> acandra to the .map file in the appropriate places, and recompiling it. Jul 25 at 6:17

\documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont[Script=Devanagari]{Siddhanta} %% use any other font in your OS. \begin{document} गॅलरी \end{document}

You may use the online helpful editor https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/devanagari.htm to key in गॅ.

This file processes coprrectly using XeLaTeX.

  • My question is specifically about Velthuis encoding. According to its manual g~alarii should render गॅलरी correctly, but it doesn't :-(. Jul 25 at 11:59

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