I have a document where the main language should be English with only some Arabic text. In my references I have English as well as Arabic references. The main direction of the document should be from left to right, except Arabic text. The persian-bib package is working nicely but I have only one problem: I have \begin{latin} after \begin{document} and \end{latin} before \end{document} and inbetween I use \rl{some arabic text} but for the references I have to add \rl{} for all entries of a bibtex reference to show the Arabic text and also the text is still aligned from left to right because the environment as a whole is still latin. Thus the reference appears like this:

برنامج .عزيزة مبارك العلوني، مريم عبد الرحمن السهلي، مهرة فارس المطيري [ 1 تعليمي الكتروني في تنمیة بعض من مهارات الاستعداد للقراءة لدى أطفال 2011 ,رسالة ماجستير غير منشورة .ما قبل المدرسة

Where the text is truncated in a wrong way, making fields overlap and text discontinue because of alignment. Please tell me what I can do to solve my problem.

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